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Video presentation for «Axel Telemetry»

Video presentation for company Axel Telemetry. Stages of corporate movie creation.

Purpose: to create a video presentation of new telemetry systems for the company Axel (Axel Telemetry).
Period: 30 days.
price: 4 000 USD.
Total: Video presentation has drawn attention of foreign partners at the exhibition in America.

A lot of our potential customers are interested to know how the process of video presentation in the studio ZoomaZooma is going? In terms of a movie for the drilling company, we are willingly to describe the process.

The first step to be done is just to call or write to us.

A young promising company Axel applied to us, the company moves its development around the whole world developing a world-class telemetry system. It allows to launch telemetry equipment of different producers to work and to increase the speed of transmitting of data sent from the drill depth to the surface.

For the further productive cooperation we offer our client to fill in the brief.

One should do it very attentively, answer all the questions, related with the activity of your company. All the information given will help us to write a script, which will meet all the requirements.
There are two main questions which are to be answered beforehand:
– What’s the purpose of a movie creation?
– Who is the target audience, for who is the movie created?

The main purpose, which set the company Axel is to report the unicity of the development and open its competitive advantages. Target audience are specialists of carotage, technicians, who are busy with drilling and also managers of companies, who are responsible for purchasing, investors and state organs. The presentation was created to show at an oil industry targeted exhibition in the US.

The next stage – to collect information and work with it.

A scrip writer of the ZoomaZooma studio creates thesis, looks for interesting facts about the company activity and collects the whole information about the branch. First, a peculiar informative plan of a video presentation is created. Further one creates a text, collecting all the information received. It is a complicated work because the script writer has to tell about the product and activity of the company as much as possible without overweighing the movie with difficult sentences and words at the same time. On this very stage it is decided what will visually depict information in the video, in which ways it is better to do. We define where computer graphics is needed. So, a ready script offered, general conception and cost sheet are sent to the customer for agreement.

Attention! The stages 1-3 do not obligate the customer to make any decision. The development of a script made by INFOMULT is done absolutely free it is made it is done for customer to understand how the future video presentation will look like and what budget it will have.

After contract signing we start the process of video editing, creating info graphics and animation.

Video presentation for the company Axel is to show the process of work and scheme of telemetry equipment. Our customer gave us brochures and schemes, it helped to create graphical elements and animation.


We made a decision to include live video footage in this video presentation to show the working example of Axel equipment and specially designed microchip. The shooting brigade of INFOMULT was sent to Samara Region, where the AXEL’s production facility  is situated. To complete the shooting we needed only one day, that’s why it didn’t influence the production period. While the process of working on animation was going, our shooting brigade already returned and brought a lacking video footage.



The beginning of sound editing stage and further tweeks on video.

When all the slides are reconciled, info graphics is fulfilled with basic thesis and main information about the product, we start to work with the sound. Soundeditor of the ZoomaZooma video studio composes soundtracks and puts sound effects on timeline. Then together with the customer they choose the narrator’s voice. The customers look through the complete but still draught editionof the video presentation. Customers leave their feedback and wishes on where to tune and tweek the video for it to fullfill their marketing targets better.

A ready made presentation in high definition is sent to the customer. And we get flattering comments.

Our customer ask to translate their video production into different languages very often. So did the company Axel. 

On first stage, this video presentation was submitted in Rusian. Axel involved their interpreter who is familiar with technical terms used in oil industry to make an English version of script for us. It tells potential customers about unique development, represented by Axel and helped the company to find new interesting partners.