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About us

Production studio «ZoomaZooma» is a company for your business promotion.

zoomazooma editorSound editor at work

Working more than 6 years with commercial video materials, a professional creative collective was made. Every member of ZoomaZooma team works to reach the only aim — produce a video which help our client to succeed. Video is the only universal and unilingual tool to use when you want to deliver your ideas and strategy to wide audience.

We offer a different types of video production which proved to be effective. Each of them could be used for different purposes and with different budget/time limitations:

  • Animated video infographics. Fast, effective and inexpensive way to deliver your strategy or financial results to investors. Alongside with the animation you’ll also receive enough materials for booklets and leaflets.
  • 2D animation is good to show the use of your application or other product when you don’t want to bother viewers with details. We can also deliver animated characters to tell the story or make an explainer video.
  • 3d visualization and animation of objects and processes. This is a most tricky and expansive type of video content. 3d animation allows to get photorealistic look of inexisting infrastracture planned to deliver or to get inside a complex process even on molecular level. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.
  • Presentation film for customers and investors. It means a complex approach to video creation process and involves wide range of professional skills. Live video footage, animated infographics and 3d visualization could all be used together to catch the viewer’s eye and showcase your business from the best side.

ZoomaZooma studio is equipped with modern facilities that provide a fast and qualitative orders’ realization including each level of difficulty.

ZoomaZooma’s way of video production

zoomazooma dictorzoomazooma microphone

A success of company’s production is ensured by a high originality of animated and cinematic videos and their variety. Our complex approach from idea to realization allows to reach the audience and can really sell customer’s services and goods.

zoomazooma editor at workzoomazooma designer at work

We offer a proven and trustworthy pipeline to our clients. You even don’t need to pay money in advance to feel the benefits of our approach. Bellow are the steps we fallow to deliver the product.

  1. First contact and preliminary valuation of your task. For free.
  2. Draft script writing. For free. On this iteration you receive a first script for your future video. You can use it on your own or, if you find our artistic manner suits your vision, you could continue working with ZoomaZooma.
  3. Script finalization, sketching (if needed) and signing a contract. When we have a final script, reworked and approved, we provide it with some sketches to have the clear understanding of the future scenes in your video. Final script allows us to tell the exact price for all the future works. And this price will not include any hidden surcharges as the script is included as a part of our working contract. We could send you scanned digital copy of the contract to start the work ASAP and then send signed papers using a courier delivery service.
  4. Prepayment and work with 2d/3d/shooting, etc. Depending on chosen visual approach, we take a prepayment varied from 30% to 50% of the final cost of the contract.
  5. Prefinal delivery and work with finalization.
  6. Final delivery.

As you can see, working with us is rather a simple process. We discuss your problem and do the creative script. If you are satisfied with our approach, we produce the video. If no, you don need to pay at all.

A Little Secret Of Success. Creative team of professionals is the only value of our company.

One of the factors that make ZoomaZooma’s production a good choice is a creative and thoughtful  approach to every stage of production. Every commercial product from ZoomaZooma studio is unique as we don’t have one creative style for all the customers. Instead, we try to invent an individual style for everyone. That’s far more complicated but challenging.


zoomazooma at vacation

Direction and Animation

Andrew Bochek

He is successfull in leading several projects in one time, director and simply a good guy.

He leads ZoomaZooma in the right direction.



zoomazooma at vacation 2

Motion Design and Administration

Dmitry Ignatenko

Projects’ administrator, an experienced and skillfull motion designer who can bring boring ciphers to life with the help of magic and uncensured lexicon.

Heavy projects, ZoomaZooma development and discipline are Dmitry’s field of activity



zoomazooma Ilia

Sound Design and Editing

Ilia Shahmatov

Is a professional sound producer and sound designer. Ilia rules announcers forcing to read without halts.





Alex Sergeev

Excellent photographer and operator. He knows how to embody thoughts and ideas into the necessary form truly to inform.
Shoots in any situation and on any equipment.






zoomazooma artist

Illustration Artist

Alexander Mikhailov

His author’s characters and illustrations won’t leave indifferent any client.