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Our portfolio

VROOKI – infographics video commercial explaining the intricacies of customer’s service.

This video for the company Vrooki – is a bright example of the classic infographics. With the help of marketing video a delivery service for online retailers clearly explained to potential clients the intricacies of it’s work.

Company Vrooki is a daring and ambitious project in the field of logistics. As they say, this is the first service delivery, which increases parcels repayment in 2 times. Many transport companies delay delivery time up to 2 – 4 weeks, thanks to Vrooki a buyer waits for 3 hours only. The company provides transfer of money for the baught goods in the day of delivery and offers a free warehouse to sellers in more than 36 cities of Russia. Over 50 online stores have increased their profits and reduced delivery costs by working with Vrooki.



We offered the customer a video made in the style of infographics – a graphical way of presenting information by which it can be explained quickly and clearly. We didn’t get any objections.

The customer had a preliminary text, and the main points on which we should  rely on, had already been allocated. We summarize all that in the script and support it visually. Modest  guys from Vrooki gave their permission and we start to work with the design.

We were provided a corporate logototype of the company, so we relied on it to catch the common style. We didn’t have to develop many variants of design, for the client accepted all our ideas. That’s what trust and mutual understanding means. As a result, video harmoniously suited the common concept of the website



Infographics – is a video product that increases the impact on the person by using of graphics in Motion and adding music and sound effects. At the final stage the movie went into the hands of the soundeditor. The result is a light musical background and narrator’s voice, exactly what we needed for underlining the general mood of a laconic stylish video.

This infographics in minimal style became successful, due to several factors:

  • The contest of use. It was tied with the Vrooki landing page and the logo itself.
  • The depiction of advantages. We helped to clarify the topic that interests people.
  • High quality of motion design and the use of clear shapes.

In general, the video for the company Vrooki once again confirmed the hypothesis that the video infographics can have  positive impact on people.