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«RosMed» TV infomercial created by ZoomaZooma studio

TV infomercial by ZoomaZooma studio for ROSMED.INFO, a versatile online platform which is created for solving different problems in the health sector.

In order to implement the system in life is necessary to cause the trust to an innovative product. To create a tv infomercial, revealing the essence of the project, the developers have requested the video production services in Infomult. It is worth noting that the customers chose our team among the many contenders following the tender. This was a dual responsibility, not to fail customers and meet their expectations.

To start, write and coordinate the script. One of customer requirements was to create a promotional video, which can be divided into two parts. The first to present the project to patients, the second should reveal the benefits to the partners. In a minute to put this amount of information has failed, so I had to increase the timing. The script is approved, begin to develop the design.

If you decide to create a tv infomercial to embed on the company website, it must be stressed corporate identity and made the product recognizable. In this case, the clients provided us with a brand book and a presentation, on the basis of which was developed the video design.

The customers like the concept and we’re finalizing all the slides and make changes from customers. By using the graphics this video shows how the registers are simple and easy to use.

Patients see that the innovative platform enables you to maintain constant communication with your doctor. The doctor, in turn, can monitor the healing process and to prescribe treatment in accordance with the dynamics. Agree, this is a big and important step in the development of the health sector.

All the advantages and benefits of Rosmed registers are fully  disclosed and communicated to patients and partners. But that’s not enough. With its stylish design and animation, this video is a pleasure to watch and attracts even the casual visitors attention. Thus, to create a tv infomercial that will “work” on you, not enough to have good text. You need to carefully treat every stage of the video production. In high-quality marketing videos everything is important: design, animation and sound design. All these tools can affect the decision of potential customers.
We put the video Rosmed in the portfolio as one of the most successful projects.