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Advertizing video clips


The editing specialist prepares a raw video cut for the advertizing video. Then together with the designer a graphic filling of final prompt (packshot) is developed. If necessary credits are added, special effects are made and final color correction of a roller is made.

Quality of the final video directly depends on quality of the photos provided by the customer and video records, an audiosoundtrack, logos and options of color toning. Don’t neglect initial video materials. If their quality suffers, order shooting, sound production or development 3d elements to us or to other specialists on your choice.


Video infographics

Video infographics with development of new design 500$+/a minute.

Video infographics with character animation 700$+/a minute.

Video infographics with the 3D animated elements 1000$+/a minute.

2d animation video

700$+/a minute

Work on an animation roller takes place in some stages:

  1. Script writing;
  2. Preparation of sketches of characters;
  3. Production of a storyboard of future video with use of developed characters.  The environment and necessary subjects are drawn here too.
  4. Announcer’s postscoring;
  5. Animation of characters and video editing according to the approved storyboard;
  6. Final postscoring with imposing of music and sound effects.

Generally, the cost of 2D animation pays off proceeding from number of the characters used in a video, duration and complexity of animation. At the order of a series of videos the price of the subsequent works can be reduced when using already drawn characters.

3d animation video

1000$+/a minute

Work on a 3D animation roller also happens step by step. The result of each executed stage is coordinated with the customer.

  1. Script writing;
  2. Preparation of sketches of characters;
  3. Production of 3D models of characters according to sketches;
  4. Drawing of a storyboard of a video by the artist .
  5. Selection and 3d modeling of subjects of an environment, interiors and exteriors according to a storyboard;
  6. Announcer’s postscoring;
  7. 3d animation of characters, animation of the camera in scenes;
  8. Preparation of the animated scenes for a render, lighting arrangement, render;
  9. Assembly of the rendered shots, imposing of necessary visual effects;
  10. Final postscoring with imposing of music and sound effects.

As you can see, creation of a 3D animation video is a much more laborious process. Though it is very similar to 2d animation. It also caused a difference in the price.

Corporate Movie

Unlike advertizing videos, movies are a piece product. It is difficult to designate the final price at once. The main amount of works is made by preparation of necessary materials: script writing, carrying out shootings and production of visualization of difficult technical processes.

Thus, the price of the movie can vary from 1000$ in cases when the customer already has all photo video records, necessary for the movie and to several dozens of thousands dollars in cases when for production of the movie it is necessary to carry out shootings in several places with use of a complete set of the film-making equipment and to prepare 3d visualization of productions.

Anyway, the best way to learn the approximate price of your order is to contact us and to tell about the wishes.