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How we create video presentation for Sakhalin region

Administration of Sakhalin region asked us, ZoomaZooma Studio, to create video presentation of the region for upcoming large-scale political and financial event — The Far Eastern Media Summit.

Journalists, politicians, public figures, officials and businessmen gathered together for discussion of topical issues on a single platform. Taking this opportunity, the owners of Primorye planned to tell the guests of honor possibilities and perspectives of the Kuril Islands. For this, it was decided to order the creation of video presentation for the region.


The task was to show investment attractiveness of the region, to talk about promising sites, in which we can invest. The target audience of the video is a big business and the representatives of governments of the countries participating in the Forum.

Usually video production begins with writing the script. In this case, the narration wasn’t needed, we were given a rough plan with the main thesis to be reflected in the credits. We have also been sent high-quality video footage shot on professional equipment.


The unique nature of the Islands fully captured our attention, so we came up with a soul to create presentation video. We tried to fit in the video many of scenic impressive shots and not leave the audience indifferent.


Speaking of video production is important to note the infographical maps. We offered clients to make use of 3D graphics.


The detailed altitude map in a very high resolution was taken from the specialized Internet service of NASA. Due to excellent quality in close-ups you can see the recesses and rises. On each island viewers can see three-dimensional objects such as ports, fish plants, facilities and other places important for the life and tourism infrastructure.


The commercials production with use of 3D graphics requires a large amount of computing resources. In order to once again not to count the shots, at first, animatic was done, then the camera movement was edited and final render. The ZoomaZooma Studio constantly improves and updates its technical capabilities, so we can provide the high quality graphics. Production video about the Kuril Islands was conducted in two weeks. Also we had to make a separate version of the presentation for the guest of honor of the far Eastern Summit, Dmitry Medvedev.