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How we create a promo video for Microsoft partners

This story is about how Peter Mikhailovich couldn’t cope with his business. Everything in his company is out of control, even the collection of financial statements became an impassable quest until Peter Mikhailovich learned the PowerKPI system. After receiving a green light on creative approach we were able to create a promo video with animated characters and old school “Mario-like” characters and textures based on this quest idea.


PowerKPI is a platform for managing business processes. The tool for analysis and processing is developed by the company Rubicon, which is a BI-partner of Microsoft in Russia. To promote their product they decided to create a promo video in the INFOMULT Studio.

Versatility, control, forecasting and analytics, of course, all good, but it is very difficult to prove to potential customers the need of using the platform. Therefore, our task is to bring all the capabilities of the System in a simple and understandable way.

If you decided to book a promo video, but have not decided the style, our Studio will offer you several different concepts. The first thing we have offered for company Rubikon is a classic infographic. We make a storyboard and send it to the client.


Everything is transparent, understandable and accessible, but…not exciting. Using the scenario we suggest and alternative options and develop a new style with an interesting plot. So we’ve got an idea to create a promo video in the form of a computer game Mario. No doubt – this idea will be approved. But our thought process is not finished. Not only the idea is important but also its implementation. Mario needs to fail the mission, but in the end to reach the goal – that’s understandable. But how to emphasize the essence of the platform PowerKPI? The client has one vision, we have more.


On totals Rubikon company decided to abandon infographics, so the entire movie is the passage of the mission. New level for Peter Mikhailovich becomes more successful and efficient through the using of the PowerKPI service. Video gaming is not only fun to watch, but also reveals the key moments that are remembered thanks to the easy flow and sense of humor. As you can see, creating a promo video is quite easy and veery exciting. The main thing is to clearly identify goals and objectives that should solve the video.