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On 25, Oct 2016 | In | By Andrew Bochek

Video presentation of unique «Silk way» rally-marathon.

A honorable mission was entrusted this year to the Infomult Studio team – we had to create a video presentation for the “Silk way” rally-marathon.

“SilkWay” – is an international rally event of the highest category of complexity, the largest one in the world, which has been performed for years. This year the rally-marathon was held with a special scale – the slope linking Moscow and Beijing. Our task was to create an eye-catching video presentation to involve spectators, sponsors and investors.


The customers have given us narration and a rough stage plan. Also they provided us with an archive footage accumulated over the duration of the Silk Way. And so we collected a video history and selected the most impressive shots. Being a huge fans of the international rally-marathon, we insert the footage of KAMAZ Vladimir Chagin from the past races. He couldn’t participate this year, but was a part of the organizing Committee.


The creation of a video presentation is not only about working with the videos. We developed stylistic concept, made a spectacular splash and design, animated graphics as well. A particular challenge in creating the video presentation was caused by the Chinese titles. This involved a translator in production pipeline, then the translation was established with the Chinese organizers of the “Silk Way”.


Since the creation of this event presentation video has been focused on different target audiences, the Infomult Studio made a three different videos. It took a week, then had a long approval of the titles, numbers and dates – they have their specifics in writing, we have received many corrections from all interested parts as well. When the videos in Russian language was confirmed and completely approved, Infomult Studio adapted them for Chinese and English.


What else can we say about the SilkWay video? This flow, dynamics and special effects we managed to convey the atmosphere and the drive, experiencing the participants and spectators of the rally show. And core values of the Silk Way – the speed, the adventure, the overcoming of difficulties in extreme conditions.