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«TracyLacy» book promotional video production

Promotional video production is not only about the promotion of goods and services. Anything can be advertised, even social projects. One of these are the books.

Promotional video production of the Australian book «Tracy Lacy Is Completely Coo-coo Bananas» was started to engage teenagers in reading and to increase demand for the publication. Using animated video trailer was highly preferable considering the ease of perception among the target teenage audience.

Tracy Lacey is a book for teenagers from 10 to 13 years. 12 year old girl learning how to survive in the school environment. It is very difficult to find common language with other students, but this must be done in order to move from middle to high school.

tracylacy promotional video production p1

To increase sales of the book the publisher from Australia decided to take a new direction and to order professional video production. After all, the actual modern book needs to be known by the young readers. Customers carefully prepared for the production of the promotional video and sent all the available illustrations. We had to run the animation, add effects and sound design. So, without wasting time to develop the concept we immediately proceed to preparation of characters for animation.

tracylacy promotional video production p2

Constantly being in touch with Australia, we have revived the characters according to script. The author of the book, writer Tanya Lacy personally supervised the process of promotional video production. Moreover, Tanya Lacy did not trust the voice acting for the video even recorded by professional narrators. She read the narration herself – thus highlighting the author’s style.

tracylacy promotional video production p3

Promotional video for children’s book was very bright and juicy. After watching this trailer, few of the teens do not want to read the publication. We received an useful experience of working with overseas customers, and the publisher promised to recommend the ZoomaZooma Studio to her colleagues from Australia.