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Our portfolio

How we create a promo video for Microsoft partners

This story is about how Peter Mikhailovich couldn’t cope with his business. Everything in his company is out of control, even the collection of financial statements became an impassable quest until Peter Mikhailovich learned the PowerKPI system. After receiving a green light on creative approach we were able to create a promo video with animated characters and old school “Mario-like” characters and textures based on this quest idea.

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«RosMed» TV infomercial created by ZoomaZooma studio

TV infomercial by ZoomaZooma studio for ROSMED.INFO, a versatile online platform which is created for solving different problems in the health sector.

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«TracyLacy» book promotional video production

Promotional video production is not only about the promotion of goods and services. Anything can be advertised, even social projects. One of these are the books.

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BRONOSKINS – selling video

A company BRONOskins offerd to ZOOMAZOOMA studio for creating a video. The purpose of market video is to bring a new product to the market, as well as to present characteristics of the good to the consumer.

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Enterosgel animated video production

In portfolio of ZoomaZooma animation studio the works in general are made in one style. However, there are such animated projects, which one can distinguish  from the others, and there is a feeling as if they are made by the hands of another artist of animation and computer graphics. It is especially so about animated video production of a cartoon, advertising a medical drug Enterosgel.

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3d motion graphics for “Aquamaster” company

We often get orders on making of advertising from construction and different science-based companies. 3d motion graphics is the best instrument to show their solutions in clear and self-explanatory way.

Term: 20 days.

Cost: 2500$.

Result: Increase of trust to products of the company, involvement of new buyers from abroad and increase of site conversion.

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