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Video production pricing for «i2-browser» IT startup

Affordable video production pricing policy in ZoomaZooma Studio allowed IT project from St. Petersburg to promote their startup worldwide.

The main feature of “i2 Browser”, the new product we had to promote, is that during normal web surfing the system replaces all existing page banner ads on the most suitable to the user. The user receives a monetary charge for each banner and can dispose of the funds as he likes as they appear on his paypal account. 

We contact the clients, discuss the video production pricing, the details of creation and offer them to write the script for free. Animation video with the calculated price based on the finished script should succinctly explain the principle of operation of the innovation system. We write the text for greater clarity, do a rough storyboard.

"i2" video production pricing p1

“i2” video production pricing


Explainer video script was accepted immediately – we managed to get to the point. Now with the storyboard the customers have an idea how the animated video will look and they are satisfied with the concept. So, the video production pricing is approved and we proceed to the design of the static slides.

"i2" video production pricing p2

"i2" video production pricing p3

In parallel with the rendering of the slides we conceptualize for pre-roll. A short video was planned to be used on Youtube to drive visitors to a website (landing page), which aims to encourage the potential user to download a browser. From several concepts customers decided to focus on the most “attractive” for users. 50 dollars is a pretty attractive offer.

The system was planned to promote in the United States. Of course,  movie needs to look modern and professional, should be very effective. For the design we’ve used the preview of the new website.

"i2" video production pricing p4

Thus, our infographics was harmoniously blended with the landing, and this bright motion-design attracts potential customers. The customers appreciated the video and left a pleasant review . They especially noted the efficiency of our work. Choosing a contractor to work, the clients wanted not just a stylish animation, the price also was a deciding factor. That is why the clients decided to entrust the creation of video to ZoomaZooma Studio.