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Video presentation for company Axel Telemetry. Stages of corporate movie creation.

Creative team of a video studio FILMEXPO is always happy to cooperate with a not less creative and inspired customers. One of them became guys from an international company PressFoto.

For 10 years the company has led an activity, connected with a digital content. PressFoto – is a photo bank, which includes 7 000 000 of copyrighted licensed photos and 300 000 footages.

Our cooperation with PressFoto started with a small commercial movie, connected with a World  Day of Photos. The main sense, which gives an interactive presentation,  is in that with the help of  photos one can show not only people and landscapes. The pictures are able to show full feelings and emotions: fear, risk, love, aim, care, pain…one picture costs more than thousands of words…

Company PressFoto placed the commercial movie in social networks and on its website. Interactive presentation got a big quantity of viewers and positive comments.  And the customer, in its turn, valued the way with which the studio FILMEXPO works, that’s why they decided to continue cooperation with us. New order – an interactive presentation , which has to tell about new service  developed by company PressFoto.


Searches for stock photos according to available images.  This is one of the first photo banks, its unicity is in the mechanism of copyrighted photo selection. The algorithm of instant search is developed personally by specialists of the company PressFoto.  We were set a task to tell about this mechanism. And even not to tell, as the customer had a detailed script, but visually and fashionably to open the topic. So, we make a photoscript and discuss all the main moments   with the customer which must be in the interactive presentation.

Everypixel-2 Everypixel-3 Everypixel-4

When a clear idea of how the interactive presentation should look like appeared, the video studio INFOMULT went to the next stage – slide animation.

Interactive presentation  shows how to use the service. You take a picture which you like, for example from yandex, move to the graph search  – and found images appear. If there is no pictures like this in the photo bank , the search system will offer you  a big variety of another pictures.  You can buy the photo and use it in different aims.


Developers were going to represent the service to a big audience on a professional exhibition in the USA.  That is why captions and voice are in English. By the way,  in our base of speakers one can choose dubbing in different languages. The company PressFoto  took  the choice of voice very seriously. The customer was offered several voices with different accents. There were special wishes about sound design.  Background music had to be attractive and as the customer said: «The music that makes you shiver». As we said «said – done»: music style, speaker’s dubbing, designing and general dynamics  – all the moments were observed and brought to life. Interactive presentation was “alive” , attractive, bright and fashionable. We brought to life all the ideas of the customer; we managed to fulfill all the aims and tasks of the customer. And our portfolio got another  one more  effective  project.