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BRONOSKINS – selling video

A company BRONOskins offerd to ZOOMAZOOMA studio for creating a video. The purpose of market video is to bring a new product to the market, as well as to present characteristics of the good to the consumer.

BRONOskins developed protection for the screen, which is easy to apply and it protects the body from knocks and scratches, keeping it as sensitive as they are. NEWskins – is self healing, hiding small scratches and chips coverage! Using this protection for phones and tablets from BRONOskins you get a reliable shockproof layer that protects your device from physical impact.

The customer already had a clear idea of ​​how the future commercial movie should look like. At the output we would like to receive a stylish video in reserved stylistic. The guys shared examples of what videos they hoped to get. All this made our work easier, so we immediately announced the customers the shortest time of accomplishment – 10 days. Label the price of marketing video, which satisfied the customers.

Then, as usual, we begin to work on the script and the very next day, we provide with a story board in a pencil, which was quickly approved.


We single out the main customer properties of the market product, for better convincing we use statistics.  The main advantages of the goods we represent in the form of a text and icons.


7% of the smartphones are damaged in the day of purchase. 50% during the first month of usage.


Nano technology. Self- restored coverage will prolong the duration period. Scratch protection.

The customer had a wish that video to be built round the device, more ewxactly ultra modern device such as iPhone6, Apple Watch, etc. Thus, main features of BRONOskins are shown to the viewer while the smartphone model is animated in background. We decided to fulfill the stylistic by shape animation. Besides, for better representation a realistic model of the device being glued by the coverage is shown in 3D.

Works with sound design – at the final stage. For that we use licensed music background and choose the voice from our base of narrators. We clear some issues in infographics and present it to the customer. Now it will surely help inventors to sell the product of their efforts.