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Enterosgel animated video production

In portfolio of ZoomaZooma animation studio the works in general are made in one style. However, there are such animated projects, which one can distinguish  from the others, and there is a feeling as if they are made by the hands of another artist of animation and computer graphics. It is especially so about animated video production of a cartoon, advertising a medical drug Enterosgel.

A lot of people know Enterosgel is used for removal of toxic elements, infectious agents, metabolites of different kinds from the organism. The drug doesn’t decrease absorbing of vitamins and microelements. Thanks to its unique characteristics, one can give Enterosgel to children, pregnant and feeding women. Moreover, the drug helps not only people. It aslo helps pets and we touched this aspect in our animated video production process.

Gel enterosorbent has gained Russian pharmaceutical market.  Moreover, today it is used in many other countries.  For instance, not long ago the drug has been introduced to UK customers. But to introduce the gel to the pharmaceutical market of  New Zealand and Australia, our animation studio was asked for a short animated video production.

The customer set a task to tell about the drug in an understandable language through familiar images. Furthermore, our team had to create not only the script, but to offer the original conceptual vision. Customer wanted to have animated video in minimalistic style like those from Red Bull. However, our graphics designer considered it is better to use full colored characters and backgrounds.

Enterosgel animated video production p1

Finally, a big job was made. We developed 4 different scripts. We had been working long to create characters. 2 designers worked in order to get variants in different stylistic decisions and to push the animated video production to the next stage – animation itself.

During the work with the main heroes we had to consider it was prohibited to use people in the drug commercial. That’s why we started to think which animals to use. Kiwi is a well-known symbol of New Zealand, let’s use it! Designers offered their vision. The one in a vector style and the second in a hand-painted manner.

Enterosgel animated video production p2

Enterosgel animated video production p3

According to the same principle a Kangaroo was chosen as a symbol of Australia, and a Bear as a symbol of Russia, as the drug was developed in this northern country where people are rumored to know sense in alcohol. Drawn characters were quickly approved by the customer. By the way, our team invented many other minor personages during this animated video production process.

Enterosgel animated video production p1

Watercolor backgrounds drawn by hand were used as a location for our cartoon heroes. Thanks to our illustrator, full-color animation movie is notable for its well developed rich details.

Enterosgel animated video production BG

Having finished with the illustrations, the animation artist and computer graphics department joined the work. Thanks to experienced hand characters started to come to life and locations began to change dynamically. Initially the idea was to create several animations with different personages. As a result, we got a whole animated video produced with a common storyline. University graduation was selected as the main idea.

The sound editor came up with a sense of humor by adding atmospheric noise. Narrator’s  voice  wasn’t  used in this movie, however, the transfer of information and report of the main advantages of this product were not affected. Realistic package of Enterosgel stands out on the background of the cartoon personages and location and attracts attention of viewers.

Enterosgel animated video production p5

During this animated video production process we advised our customers, who promote the drug Enterosgel, to order landing page to our partners from the QUBE company. As a result of collaboration our clients received a high-quality 2D animation video and at the same time – a site for product promotion tied in one style.