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3d motion graphics for “Aquamaster” company

We often get orders on making of advertising from construction and different science-based companies. 3d motion graphics is the best instrument to show their solutions in clear and self-explanatory way.

Term: 20 days.

Cost: 2500$.

Result: Increase of trust to products of the company, involvement of new buyers from abroad and increase of site conversion.

Usually our clients do not know how to tell about the offered product and its production in an easy and clear way. So, we were given a task – to create a market video for the company «Aquamaster». The task was to show a principally new system of effluent discharge. We offered an idea to make it with the help of  3D motion graphics. Thus a one can explain the basic technological principals lying behind the final product.  3d Iifographics about the «Aquamaster» company – a remarkable example of it.

At the beginning a scriptwriter of our studio tries to understand the details and specifics of the market product.  The company «AQUAMASTER» deals with production and sale of  frostproof LPP (low pressure plastic) items. It’s specialists created compost septic, which has a range of advantages among the inventions of this kind. We figured out the following moments, wrote a script and gave the clients some cases of design of the future animated explainer.

The slides are approved – let’s go further. 3d motion graphics about the company «Aquamaster» and it’s market product starts from introduction information  – from what the system of canalization consists of. Here we graphically show the basic elements of purification system and give them rather realistic but at the same time “infographical” look. Here we should remember we deal with elements of canalization. And too much realism could spoil the overall picture.

  3d motion graphics for "Aquamaster" p1

3d motion graphics for "Aquamaster" p2

System of canalization  consists  of three purification parts: septic, bio toilet, grease collector.

We represent the purification part with a high level of clearing. Thanks to graphics, even such kick-moments, like effluents, is possible to present in nice and bright manner. Making fractions in this variant does not repel. By the way, previous commercial clips of the company «Aquamaster» were shot on video, which looked not esthetically.

3d motion graphics for "Aquamaster" p3


The pearl of the project was the image of a piece of land in 3D. This moment shows the spectator one of the most important advantages  – it is possible to settle the septic in any place of his land, as it doesn’t need pumping  by sewage cleaning machine.

3d motion graphics for "Aquamaster" p4

Thanks to 3d motion graphics it is possible to push any product on market, using volume representation and icons. According to specific of this video clip with 3D graphics and animation, such kinds of video products are made within one month.  Our team met the deadline and delivered the client a well done qualified video product. Infographics about the company «Aquamaster» recruited our portfolio.

The company «Aquamaster» made a decision  to promote the invention abroad, and later we got order to make German, Chinese, Finnish, Italian and even Hebrew versions of this video.