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Video commercials

By Dmitry Ignatenko

Team of creators

On 23, Feb 2014 | No Comments | In Uncategorized, Video commercials | By Dmitry Ignatenko

Our value is people, professionals with a wide experience of work and a creative look.


motion artist


Dmitry Ignatenko

Project manager and the motion designer with an experience. He will recover boring figures by means of magic and an offensive language. Big customers, development of the company and discipline are in his field of activity.



Direction and animation

Andrew Bochek

Despite young age he rules few projects in one time. The head and simply good person successfully conduct. Directs the movement of studio to the correct course of life.



3D modelling and motion design

Arseny Sozinov

Young but very purposeful expert. He always achieves an objective giving out permanently qualitative result.




Alexander Mikhaylov

Only author’s characters and illustrations won’t leave indifferent any client.




Alexey Sergeev

Excellent photographer and operator. Knows as to embody thoughts and ideas in the necessary form truly to inform. Shoots from any situation and on any equipment.


Sound editor

Sound production

Ilia Shahmatov

Is a professional sound producer and sound designer. Ilia rules announcers forcing to read without halts.

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